What is Impressive Technology

To define impressive technology one should look at the world in a very holistic view. Plenty of modern creations are made without bringing anything truly beneficial to the world. However even the inventions without purpose might end up contributing something. Therefore the optimal is somewhere between balance and imbalance that stirs up the modern world.

This is a home page dedicated to such technological marvels. They could be extremely simple or complicated, what matters is the impact to everyday life and society.

It is good to remember that technology would be nothing without its users, so culture becomes an equally important factor. While one invention could be useful in one country, it might not work in another.

The behavior of the users of technology is actually what ultimately interests me. By observing this, one can find the true sense of the word “impressive” in technology!


  1. Will Monah says:

    Your site is very interesting, looking forward to most posts about technological achievements. We are living advanced times brother.