The Slowdown of Operating System Development

With all these years.. if one is to study the development in operating systems of computers, smartphones etc. There has not been such a revolutionary advancement.. of course some sectors have largely advanced and taken brave new steps to creating good user experiences. Yet, the mainstream continues to dumb down the population who don’t want to learn new things.

Firstly, if a new feature is good, it has no lurning curve. I cant believe how hard it is to understand that. Windows is obviously going to the absolute opposite direction.. growing the learning curve as they go forward.

Macs are doing that.. because they were brilliant. But the truth is, they are running out of shit. And that is also because of human behaviour. It’s a difficult step to go on, leave the old and embrace the new. Because people are stubborn, users are afraid of learning. Thus a company like Mac is loosing their confidence and make mistakes.

As for mobile phones, the only phone we have left.. is not windows phone. It’s Jolla. It makes you realize how stupid a home button is on an iPhone.

No need to even talk about Android, since it doesn’t really rank in my humble opinion. Anyway it’s worrying to see that no breakthroughs are becoming more and more difficult. There is development, and lots of it with big money. But is it the right kind?