Technological Traits in Chinese Acrobatics

Chinese Acrobatics are famous for their traditional qualities. Without a doubt t’s true that China is historically one of the most significant countries for it’s contribution to the world of acrobatics. The long history however has also contributed to the rising development of “technological traits” in the performing art scene.

As known as the historical importance of the country, equally known is fake products as well as badly produced food. This money greedy element has entered into many fields, creating doubt within locals and visitors in China. No longer can you expect to know when to be careful but it is advised to watch your back at all times.

One of the latest and most surprising trends is the act of creating skillful looking acrobatic stunts with the hidden help of some technological devices.

While this is an existing trend, there are many still traditionally operating and well respected.. breath taking venues such as the chaoyang theatre acrobatics show. For example, at chaoyang theatre the chair piling stunt has been taken to such extremes that falling off could be fatal.

On the other hand, some theaters without enough skills to compete with such acts have used technology to create magnetic fields that support the chairs to firmly stay on top of each other. While this prevents accidents, it’s not as thrilling if you know about it’s use. Therefore such theaters have chosen to operate these devices without notifying the spectators.

Luckily as the Chinese government is keen on exposing such theaters it has helped to maintain the integrity of the Chinese acrobatic scene.  Traditional theaters such as the one in Chaoyang is doing increasingly well thanks to the support of the government.


  1. The Chinese are getting smarter by the day. No wonder their acrobatics are so evolved! But needless to say if you find the real thing, it will still be amazing.