Impressive Shanghai

Another impressive advancement over the years is the advancement of building technologies. One impressive example has to be the proud city of Shanghai which has become a full blown city. Numerous impressive skyscrapers scattered around the city make up for the foggy skyline. What’s weird however that visiting the city, the magnitudes of the buildings are so overblown that it’s even difficult to realize how big the buildings really are.

Proud examples are Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower as well as the Shimao International Plaza which are some of the tallest in Shanghai. However it was not enough for the city and in 2008 the construction of the tallest building in China began. To be completed soon in 2014, the Shanghai Tower tops at about 632meters. Questionable however if anyone will ever see anything from sigh a high altitude in such a polluted city.

Impressive Technology set out to the blinking Shanghai Nightlife to experience the grandness of the neighborhood. In the midst of all these tall buildings we found out that what we enjoyed the most was small buildings with original atmosphere. The surroundings however make an impressive setting as well as a contrast for the night.

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai


  1. James Vance says:

    Wow, Shanghai is really impressive!

  2. Yeah. I’ve traveled extensively and the feeling Shanghai left me with is just something I’ve never seen in any of the other big cities in the world.

    Ben Ross