Are Japanese Toilets Impressive?

The short answer is, yes. However, while they have made a huge leap in toilet technology these modern Japanese toilets are still replaceable by a human hand. That is perhaps one of the reasons why these toilets haven’t made it big in the western world. But in Japan, the toilets known as “washlet”, or “woshuretto” in Japanese, are considered convenient and hygienic. In fact, these kinds of toilet bowls where you can spray your ass with water and dry it off without using any paper are commonplace all around the country.

Japanese Washlet Toilet Controller

The above picture is a typical remote controller where you can adjust things like water pressure, and conveniently have separate buttons for men and women to hit the right hole! While the Japanese characters may seem daunting at first, I know from personal experience that it’s pretty easy to find your way around them. If one of the buttons doesn’t have a pleasing effect, you can always quickly hit the stop button which is the same as in a record player.

In fact, after you get used to this “advanced technology”, you realise that using just paper doesn’t do it the job well enough and continue to seek water for your “bottomly” pleasure. And while a Japanese toilet is impressive in achieving at that, sometimes just any ordinary water outlet will do. Try it out if you are ever visiting Japan!

Ben Ross


  1. Alexander White says:

    I’ve tried one of those high-tech Japanese toilets. They are addictive indeed because it cleans your bottom very efficiently.. feels good!