Advance Red Theater Ticketing System

For quite some time, I’ve been interested in conversions and how modern technology can contribute to improved profit. Mainly thanks to such software development, people have managed to “tweak” profit to the optimum. Yet, those without such savvy knowledge are left out from the game of that juicy extra profit everyone is so indeed for. I always look around the internet for examples and sometimes I see total failures, while other times I see huge success. Only a trained eye can truly identify such services, because in fact most people are on the receiving end. And of course, the point is that this end does not realise how every step of the way is carefully planned and manipulated to make people do what drives the economy, “buy more stuff”.

I don’t mean to have a negative tone, but it’s good to be realistic that there are those that do it for only profit and others who really want to bring an excellent service out into the market. One such marvellous example I recently discovered is a modern service for booking “Red Theater Tickets“, which made me feel positive about the technology. Simply too often the experience is not tweaked to be as easy as possible, or there is other problems with the system. In the case of Red Theater however, I am confident, that they have exceeded the expectations of many customers.. as well as improved their ticket booking form to such perfection that there is simply no one that can do it better than them.

Thus, my hat goes to the Beijing crew that makes these incredible systems, sights and ticket booking services. I have seen many of them in the past and this one was the best in a long time. It is very minimal, but looking at the code, one can easily observe that there has been a huge amount of work in the background in order to create a smooth experience for it’s customers along the way.

One is first “lured” into the shopping experience, and guided through each step without friction of any sort. Making it suitable for all types of people, which for sure are their customers. That’s the interesting thing about tourism, that people who would go to see such a Kung Fu show as this one in Red Theater, can be just about anyone. From old folks to young people.. for those with less intelligence and those with more. Indeed this Beijing show environment is a difficult business to which I have nothing but respect to show. That’s I guess why I wrote this article, in order to demonstrate my appreciation for the hard work the guys have been doing. So without further ado, let’s get busy, go to China, grab tickets and enjoy some Kung Fu ┬ábefore it’s too late with this beautiful example of modern technology. This time, in the software category!

Ben Ross


  1. William Hamp says:

    That is a very advanced system, interesting!


  2. Elvar Jorundsson says:

    Our company was looking for an advanced way to solve our ticket booking solution. Your post has inspired us to look for better ways. Thanks Ben!