A Japanese Cadget Fair and a Variety of Wonders

Just two weeks ago, The Cutting Edge IT & Electronics -fair started. This anticipated event is packed with some of the most amazing and intriguing technological inventions of recent times. A cadget such as a sunglass that translates food menus from one language to another is a good example of what people could anticipate for.

The fair named, Ceatec was focused to present near future technology that is convinient and useful in everyday life. So this was what made the fair really interesting, that all these cadgets might be useful for us in common instances.

Another highlight was the self driven car from Nissan. This is a real sized car where the driver can take it easy behind the wheel as the car maneuvers itself, by itself! The car is equipped with sensors which detech objects around the car and avoid colission. Since most of acidents are caused by humane mistakes.. the machine is most likely much better than a human driver.

As for the translating sunglasses.. NTT Docomo is convinced that they will be extremely useful in the future. Of course there are concerns as people might become lazy in learing languages when they can understand foreign text instantly. But despite being a Japanese maker, where else could this be most useful is for foreigners who are visiting Japan!

Another marvel from Docomo was a device which makes any surface a screen. Many many other inventions where on display during the event. As much as 600 companies participated!