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Technological Beijing has Impressive Opera at Huguang Guild Hall

Did you ever want to impress someone with something impressive.. perhaps some fascinating technology? Well, you are not the only one. There are many people in this world, who love technology just because it’s thrilling, exiting and just makes you tick! But what if for one day, you could show of with something that is most traditional and far away from anything that is ecological.

While it might not be the most interesting question for all the technology fans out there, for me personally it was not just a question but a quest. I was in Beijing and having already been to all the gadget stores and seen the big city life.. I decided that I would do something else, something that was different and vibrant.

Huguang Guild Hall Stage

What it was? I went to see Opera! Perhaps the most non-technological thing I could ever think of in city was to go to the classic Huguang Guild Hall Beijing venue which turned out to be absolutely super amazing. I was actually very surprised that something that was just traditional acting with costumes and music could be so much fun. It made me think how many things and experiences I had missed in life just because I always went the technological way. But turns out that in Beijing, even the Peking Opera actors themselves all had smartphones. It really shows you how balance between nature and technology is important.. and how we can benefit from both. For me, while going to the forest might be just too much this was the closest thing to “nature” that I had experienced for a while.

I didn’t quite exactly follow the story or what it was about.. the thing of the Huguang Guild Hall show was more like a beautiful flow.. with pretty clothing and magnificent music. In the whole package it was much better than a packaged smartphone because afterwords you really had something to talk about. You could almost say, that I have experienced the real China and the traditional Beijing way. That’s why I want to encourage any geek out there who is just hooked on gadgets, that go to see a piece of opera and see what it can do for you.

If you don’t like it, I am sure that going back to watching that screen is going to be much more rewarding afterwords. Loosen up a little and see how impressive something else can be, such as acting, theatre, lights! Don’t miss it!

Address: No. 3, Hufang Road, Xicheng District, Beijing
Getting There: Beijing subway, Line 7: Hufangqiao Station
Show Time: 6:30PM

Ben Ross