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Valuable WordPress Help From a Selfish Guy

Isn’t it interesting how often the solutions you are looking for can be found from random forums, to which you have no affiliation to. It makes you think, that for what reason people go into trouble and post such wonderful guides and tips to help though computer related problems.

I know one guy however, his blog at elftronix is aimed at making notes for himself. In that way if he has that problem again, he can go back to his site and read the instructions. So while his making notes, why not write them for everyone. You can get feed back, help people, learn from other people who comment the posts and so on. This is a truly impressive way to promote the growth and learning of computers, software, wordpress, code, just about whatever!

Why I bring this up now, is because this particular blog really saved my ass today. I was searching around for wordpress menu class solutions, and there it was! Amongst plenty of other blog posts that couldn’t offer the information I was look for at all. But the guy, who was doing this only for himself, only for “selfish purposes”, provided the best insight into the problem. Now that’s the kind of novel world on the internet I like to see.

So i encourage everyone to write blogs for themselves.. because there can be multiple benefits. Just start with yourself.. and you just might end up creating something with huge value to someone else. And that thought is just nice isn’t it!