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Benefits of a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a a sort of fictive computer. It’s actually a piece of software that emulates a real computer. With it you can run various tasks and do just about anything an actual computer would do. The benefits are many of which most importantly you can run several virtual machines or VM’s on one architecture.

Perhaps the most common use for a VM is running all kinds of servers.. such as file web, file  and database server software. Depending on use different amounts of the architecture resources can be reserver per VM. Things to consider are memory use, HD space needed as well as processor speed.

Most computer technology designed for the use of virtual machines and other cloud software has a capability of being able to extend physical attributes without the need to reboot the machine. This comes in very handy for those who are in the business of selling server space.

Public VM servers are plentiful on the web and cost ranges from free to extremely expensive providers with 24h support. One such example is the Finnish VNet which hosts a variety of Linux distributions on their servers. Cloud technology has evolved so far that it can tailor the needs of just about any individual or company.