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Beijing Officials to Use Finnish Technology to Clean Air

It just might be that the China government might rely on Finnish air purifying technology to tackle it’s pollution problem. Finnish officials have visited China in a meeting with the leader of the climate change minister in Beijing, Li Junfengin.

According to him, an exchange in technology will promote Beijing’s emission reduction plans, as well as other environmentally friendly development. This plan is known as “Beautiful Beijing”.

Environmental Ministry of China and Beijing Environmental Authorities have founded a collaboration in the green sector. Areas that are being covered are construction, energy production, traffic control, reduction of industrial energy use and tracking of air quality.

According to People’s Daily, Beijing has an objective to reduce the amount of small particles to less than 30% until the year 2017. Finlands clean technology sector is estimated to cover a percentage of the world market. Also a brief meeting with China’s primeminister Li Keqiangin will be held.

The idea to participate in solving China’s environmental problems was brought about by the Finnish cleantech company. Cleantech has been on the technological front with it’s innovative approach to green technology.

Such a deal could strengthen the ties between the two countries and promote well being on a global scale. These and further issues were discussed at the World Economic Forum in Dalia, China.