Gmarket: South Korea’s Impressive Technology Shopping Giant

Due to the technological advances in recent years, the e-commerce has had a huge boom. This has allowed outrageous trade companies to take advantage of it, such as Alibaba in China, and Gmarket in South Korea.

Impressive Gmarket Shopping Giant

Gmarket is the most popular South Korean online auction and shopping mall website, similar to and owned by eBay. It was founded in 1999 by Young Bae Ku, with the aim of opening a market that offers products at wholesale prices, direct from Korea, such as cosmetics, clothes, electronic devices, food, furniture, among many other things. eBay acquired Gmarket in June 2009, for approximately USD $1.2 billion. This subsidiary is now known as eBay Korea Co., Ltd.

As in other similar websites, anyone is welcome to sell their goods. Especially when it comes to technology related products, this shopping site is a heaven for many! In addition, international companies such as Samsung, offer in auction their most trendy products and services at incredible prices. Also PayPal and Visa give coupons to new members, which help to get even better final prices.

Generally speaking, Gmarket works as an intermediary. This means that the consumer has the facility to buy from as many sellers as he wants, and all his items will be consolidated by the company and sent on a single parcel. In other words, the more products he buys, the cheaper the shipping will cost. Gmarket delivers most of their products through EMS, a Chinese courier service, which is highly priced, but faster than the normal postal service.

Gmarket ships worldwide and the costs depend on weight and the zone where the destination is located. For this, the company assigned the countries to different areas, in order to determine how many Wons they will charge. You most note that the only allowed currencies for foreign credit cards are KRW (Korea), RMB (China), USD (USA), NZD(New Zealand), HKD (Hong Kong), SGD (Singapore).

It is important to consider that almost all the information posted on the online stores is in Korean, and no translation is provided. See this informative article about Gmarket English to find out how to access and translate the whole Korean online shopping site. Only some sellers offer their products in English. However, the main website can be displayed in English, Korean, and Chinese.
Gmarket makes its profit from the commission on the initial sales price, and also from advertisement spaces on their web site.

Finally, if you want to become a Gmarket’s reseller, you should know that there are affiliate programs available that will let you increase the turnover of your web site, mainly through plug-ins designed for e-commerce tools, such as Shopify or Magento.

Now that you know a lot about the most popular Korean e-commerce website, check out the article about English access and let’s start impressive technology shopping of course!

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Technological Beijing has Impressive Opera at Huguang Guild Hall

Did you ever want to impress someone with something impressive.. perhaps some fascinating technology? Well, you are not the only one. There are many people in this world, who love technology just because it’s thrilling, exiting and just makes you tick! But what if for one day, you could show of with something that is most traditional and far away from anything that is ecological.

While it might not be the most interesting question for all the technology fans out there, for me personally it was not just a question but a quest. I was in Beijing and having already been to all the gadget stores and seen the big city life.. I decided that I would do something else, something that was different and vibrant.

Huguang Guild Hall Stage

What it was? I went to see Opera! Perhaps the most non-technological thing I could ever think of in city was to go to the classic Huguang Guild Hall Beijing venue which turned out to be absolutely super amazing. I was actually very surprised that something that was just traditional acting with costumes and music could be so much fun. It made me think how many things and experiences I had missed in life just because I always went the technological way. But turns out that in Beijing, even the Peking Opera actors themselves all had smartphones. It really shows you how balance between nature and technology is important.. and how we can benefit from both. For me, while going to the forest might be just too much this was the closest thing to “nature” that I had experienced for a while.

I didn’t quite exactly follow the story or what it was about.. the thing of the Huguang Guild Hall show was more like a beautiful flow.. with pretty clothing and magnificent music. In the whole package it was much better than a packaged smartphone because afterwords you really had something to talk about. You could almost say, that I have experienced the real China and the traditional Beijing way. That’s why I want to encourage any geek out there who is just hooked on gadgets, that go to see a piece of opera and see what it can do for you.

If you don’t like it, I am sure that going back to watching that screen is going to be much more rewarding afterwords. Loosen up a little and see how impressive something else can be, such as acting, theatre, lights! Don’t miss it!

Address: No. 3, Hufang Road, Xicheng District, Beijing
Getting There: Beijing subway, Line 7: Hufangqiao Station
Show Time: 6:30PM

Ben Ross

Are Japanese Toilets Impressive?

The short answer is, yes. However, while they have made a huge leap in toilet technology these modern Japanese toilets are still replaceable by a human hand. That is perhaps one of the reasons why these toilets haven’t made it big in the western world. But in Japan, the toilets known as “washlet”, or “woshuretto” in Japanese, are considered convenient and hygienic. In fact, these kinds of toilet bowls where you can spray your ass with water and dry it off without using any paper are commonplace all around the country.

Japanese Washlet Toilet Controller

The above picture is a typical remote controller where you can adjust things like water pressure, and conveniently have separate buttons for men and women to hit the right hole! While the Japanese characters may seem daunting at first, I know from personal experience that it’s pretty easy to find your way around them. If one of the buttons doesn’t have a pleasing effect, you can always quickly hit the stop button which is the same as in a record player.

In fact, after you get used to this “advanced technology”, you realise that using just paper doesn’t do it the job well enough and continue to seek water for your “bottomly” pleasure. And while a Japanese toilet is impressive in achieving at that, sometimes just any ordinary water outlet will do. Try it out if you are ever visiting Japan!

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Advance Red Theater Ticketing System

For quite some time, I’ve been interested in conversions and how modern technology can contribute to improved profit. Mainly thanks to such software development, people have managed to “tweak” profit to the optimum. Yet, those without such savvy knowledge are left out from the game of that juicy extra profit everyone is so indeed for. I always look around the internet for examples and sometimes I see total failures, while other times I see huge success. Only a trained eye can truly identify such services, because in fact most people are on the receiving end. And of course, the point is that this end does not realise how every step of the way is carefully planned and manipulated to make people do what drives the economy, “buy more stuff”.

I don’t mean to have a negative tone, but it’s good to be realistic that there are those that do it for only profit and others who really want to bring an excellent service out into the market. One such marvellous example I recently discovered is a modern service for booking “Red Theater Tickets“, which made me feel positive about the technology. Simply too often the experience is not tweaked to be as easy as possible, or there is other problems with the system. In the case of Red Theater however, I am confident, that they have exceeded the expectations of many customers.. as well as improved their ticket booking form to such perfection that there is simply no one that can do it better than them.

Thus, my hat goes to the Beijing crew that makes these incredible systems, sights and ticket booking services. I have seen many of them in the past and this one was the best in a long time. It is very minimal, but looking at the code, one can easily observe that there has been a huge amount of work in the background in order to create a smooth experience for it’s customers along the way.

One is first “lured” into the shopping experience, and guided through each step without friction of any sort. Making it suitable for all types of people, which for sure are their customers. That’s the interesting thing about tourism, that people who would go to see such a Kung Fu show as this one in Red Theater, can be just about anyone. From old folks to young people.. for those with less intelligence and those with more. Indeed this Beijing show environment is a difficult business to which I have nothing but respect to show. That’s I guess why I wrote this article, in order to demonstrate my appreciation for the hard work the guys have been doing. So without further ado, let’s get busy, go to China, grab tickets and enjoy some Kung Fu  before it’s too late with this beautiful example of modern technology. This time, in the software category!

Ben Ross

Valuable WordPress Help From a Selfish Guy

Isn’t it interesting how often the solutions you are looking for can be found from random forums, to which you have no affiliation to. It makes you think, that for what reason people go into trouble and post such wonderful guides and tips to help though computer related problems.

I know one guy however, his blog at elftronix is aimed at making notes for himself. In that way if he has that problem again, he can go back to his site and read the instructions. So while his making notes, why not write them for everyone. You can get feed back, help people, learn from other people who comment the posts and so on. This is a truly impressive way to promote the growth and learning of computers, software, wordpress, code, just about whatever!

Why I bring this up now, is because this particular blog really saved my ass today. I was searching around for wordpress menu class solutions, and there it was! Amongst plenty of other blog posts that couldn’t offer the information I was look for at all. But the guy, who was doing this only for himself, only for “selfish purposes”, provided the best insight into the problem. Now that’s the kind of novel world on the internet I like to see.

So i encourage everyone to write blogs for themselves.. because there can be multiple benefits. Just start with yourself.. and you just might end up creating something with huge value to someone else. And that thought is just nice isn’t it!

The Slowdown of Operating System Development

With all these years.. if one is to study the development in operating systems of computers, smartphones etc. There has not been such a revolutionary advancement.. of course some sectors have largely advanced and taken brave new steps to creating good user experiences. Yet, the mainstream continues to dumb down the population who don’t want to learn new things.

Firstly, if a new feature is good, it has no lurning curve. I cant believe how hard it is to understand that. Windows is obviously going to the absolute opposite direction.. growing the learning curve as they go forward.

Macs are doing that.. because they were brilliant. But the truth is, they are running out of shit. And that is also because of human behaviour. It’s a difficult step to go on, leave the old and embrace the new. Because people are stubborn, users are afraid of learning. Thus a company like Mac is loosing their confidence and make mistakes.

As for mobile phones, the only phone we have left.. is not windows phone. It’s Jolla. It makes you realize how stupid a home button is on an iPhone.

No need to even talk about Android, since it doesn’t really rank in my humble opinion. Anyway it’s worrying to see that no breakthroughs are becoming more and more difficult. There is development, and lots of it with big money. But is it the right kind?

Impressive Shanghai

Another impressive advancement over the years is the advancement of building technologies. One impressive example has to be the proud city of Shanghai which has become a full blown city. Numerous impressive skyscrapers scattered around the city make up for the foggy skyline. What’s weird however that visiting the city, the magnitudes of the buildings are so overblown that it’s even difficult to realize how big the buildings really are.

Proud examples are Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower as well as the Shimao International Plaza which are some of the tallest in Shanghai. However it was not enough for the city and in 2008 the construction of the tallest building in China began. To be completed soon in 2014, the Shanghai Tower tops at about 632meters. Questionable however if anyone will ever see anything from sigh a high altitude in such a polluted city.

Impressive Technology set out to the blinking Shanghai Nightlife to experience the grandness of the neighborhood. In the midst of all these tall buildings we found out that what we enjoyed the most was small buildings with original atmosphere. The surroundings however make an impressive setting as well as a contrast for the night.

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai

Benefits of a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a a sort of fictive computer. It’s actually a piece of software that emulates a real computer. With it you can run various tasks and do just about anything an actual computer would do. The benefits are many of which most importantly you can run several virtual machines or VM’s on one architecture.

Perhaps the most common use for a VM is running all kinds of servers.. such as file web, file  and database server software. Depending on use different amounts of the architecture resources can be reserver per VM. Things to consider are memory use, HD space needed as well as processor speed.

Most computer technology designed for the use of virtual machines and other cloud software has a capability of being able to extend physical attributes without the need to reboot the machine. This comes in very handy for those who are in the business of selling server space.

Public VM servers are plentiful on the web and cost ranges from free to extremely expensive providers with 24h support. One such example is the Finnish VNet which hosts a variety of Linux distributions on their servers. Cloud technology has evolved so far that it can tailor the needs of just about any individual or company.

Technological Traits in Chinese Acrobatics

Chinese Acrobatics are famous for their traditional qualities. Without a doubt t’s true that China is historically one of the most significant countries for it’s contribution to the world of acrobatics. The long history however has also contributed to the rising development of “technological traits” in the performing art scene.

As known as the historical importance of the country, equally known is fake products as well as badly produced food. This money greedy element has entered into many fields, creating doubt within locals and visitors in China. No longer can you expect to know when to be careful but it is advised to watch your back at all times.

One of the latest and most surprising trends is the act of creating skillful looking acrobatic stunts with the hidden help of some technological devices.

While this is an existing trend, there are many still traditionally operating and well respected.. breath taking venues such as the chaoyang theatre acrobatics show. For example, at chaoyang theatre the chair piling stunt has been taken to such extremes that falling off could be fatal.

On the other hand, some theaters without enough skills to compete with such acts have used technology to create magnetic fields that support the chairs to firmly stay on top of each other. While this prevents accidents, it’s not as thrilling if you know about it’s use. Therefore such theaters have chosen to operate these devices without notifying the spectators.

Luckily as the Chinese government is keen on exposing such theaters it has helped to maintain the integrity of the Chinese acrobatic scene.  Traditional theaters such as the one in Chaoyang is doing increasingly well thanks to the support of the government.

A Japanese Cadget Fair and a Variety of Wonders

Just two weeks ago, The Cutting Edge IT & Electronics -fair started. This anticipated event is packed with some of the most amazing and intriguing technological inventions of recent times. A cadget such as a sunglass that translates food menus from one language to another is a good example of what people could anticipate for.

The fair named, Ceatec was focused to present near future technology that is convinient and useful in everyday life. So this was what made the fair really interesting, that all these cadgets might be useful for us in common instances.

Another highlight was the self driven car from Nissan. This is a real sized car where the driver can take it easy behind the wheel as the car maneuvers itself, by itself! The car is equipped with sensors which detech objects around the car and avoid colission. Since most of acidents are caused by humane mistakes.. the machine is most likely much better than a human driver.

As for the translating sunglasses.. NTT Docomo is convinced that they will be extremely useful in the future. Of course there are concerns as people might become lazy in learing languages when they can understand foreign text instantly. But despite being a Japanese maker, where else could this be most useful is for foreigners who are visiting Japan!

Another marvel from Docomo was a device which makes any surface a screen. Many many other inventions where on display during the event. As much as 600 companies participated!